A pergola addition is a great idea for your deck or yard as they can provide a small haven from disagreeable or unforeseen weather. They can also be used as a place to grow plants, fruits, or vegetables. In any case, knowing what you want to get out of your pergola, before you build it, is crucial.

One thing to consider is do you want some sort of roofing on your pergola addition. This will offer greater shade protection on sunny days and provide cover from the rain. If you plan to grow vines on your pergola, a roof is out of the question. We can also build a pergola addition without any roof features and use a cloth drape for added shade during the summer months.

The addition of lighting to your pergola will let you enjoy the outdoors long after the sun has set. Lighting may add a touch of modernity when compared with the traditional pergola, and it will cater many more hours of use for you and your guests.

The pergola installation we recommend most is the Equinox pergola. This pergola style allows you the freedom to enjoy outdoor entertainment and relax in style. These pergolas are made of powder-coated aluminum for optimum performance. The roof system is fully automated and runs on its own solar panel, which is ideal for entertaining in rain or shine. The Equinox louvered roof is an innovative patio cover that appears and disappears with the simple touch of a button.

Lastly, and probably most importantly, you should consider what you want your pergola to be made of. Wood has been favored for years, as it is the original building material of pergola installation. It allows for great flexibility with design, it’s eco-friendly, and it is naturally beautiful. The only downside is that wood requires some degree of maintenance. This can increase overall cost slightly in the long run, as well as the time spent maintaining it.

For low-maintenance options, we can construct both vinyl and fiberglass pergolas. Both vinyl and fiberglass are extremely low maintenance and come in a variety of colors and styles. Neither material requires painting, but we recommend you paint fiberglass to further improve its durability.

Like any project we take on, quality and safety are the most important aspects to us when we construct pergolas for our clients.

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