Lighting serves a dual purpose with today’s decks: aesthetic appeal and general safety.

The aesthetic appeal lighting offers can really take a deck to the next level. We offer all sorts of different types of deck lighting installation options, including environmentally friendly low voltage LED deck lighting. When designing your lighting layout, it is easy to forget that functionality is as important as beauty. Take a moment to consider what you want to get out of your deck. Dim, low-key lighting may look great, but, when it comes time to use your grill, you may find more light would be practical.

Safety is important with the areas that receive the most foot traffic. Steps, doorways, and railings all require proper lighting to prevent any dangerous falls or mishaps. If you aren’t interested in deck lighting for an aesthetic purpose, we highly recommend you at least choose to install lighting for safety reasons. Just a few little bulbs can make life a lot easier, and your deck a lot safer.

For safety reasons alone, we always recommend some sort of deck lighting installation for every project. Adding lights near any doors, stairs, or railings is a small addition, but it will make a big difference for the safety of your deck.

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