We are custom deck builders by choice, a choice that is rooted in genuine passion. For years, we’ve immersed ourselves in the custom deck building world, and we will continue to do so for as long as this company is around. Our primary goal is helping our clients find the products that will best fit their needs and perform for years after installation.

The investment you will be making in your deck is significant, so we want you to understand what we are installing for you and why we think it is the best choice for your lifestyle. All brands are not created equal, nor are their product lines. We spend countless hours researching deck products and taking factory tours so that we are the most informed and knowledgeable as we can be for any given brand or product. We will highlight each product’s benefits and, more importantly, will let you know if there are any drawbacks to a certain product.

We will not install a product for you that we know has been proven not to perform. In fact, we would rather pass on a project utilizing inferior materials than take it on. We feel strongly about avoiding certain products in favor of the best materials and practices in the industry. Trust us—we have your best interests in mind because it is in our best interests as well!

At Morris Decks, we provide value as experienced custom deck builders and installation of high-end decking products, and we are committed to each individual client.

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