The use of 3D Deck Design in the decking world is becoming very popular. It allows us, the deck builders, to give an accurate representation of what you can expect us to deliver. It also gives the client a tangible visualization of the project, and an invaluable chance to realize any changes or additions they may want to make.

We use Realtime Landscape Architect, which is a great and very popular program for 3D decks. This tool allows us to provide accurate descriptions of decking projects of virtually any size, shape, or style. Along with the design, we include a virtual tour of your project to give you an even better idea of what you can expect the finished product to look like.

The benefits of entering into a design agreement with us is it allows you to tailor your project to exactly what you want, no questions asked. We also offer some standard designs that we have for both photos and 3D deck designs. These usually include a fixed pricing scale based on site factors.

The price for a 3D deck design and consultation is a flat fee of $500, with up to 3 design changes. Many times, if the project is reasonably simple, it won’t warrant the full design and consultation fee. The design is yours to keep, whether or not you utilize our building services. If you choose Morris Decks to build the project design, the fee is absorbed into the construction contract.

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