Cleaning Pressure Treated Wood Will Make Your Deck Last

January 23 2018
Cleaning Pressure Treated Wood Every homeowner takes pride in keeping their yard clear of leaves and debris, but often times, the biggest backyard eyesore is a deck that has not been properly maintained. Even though pre-treated wood is durable, if...

Feel the Warmth of a Custom Fire Pit on Your Deck

December 19 2017
Custom Fire Pit The winter season has just begun, but just because the cooler weather sets in, it doesn’t always mean you can’t enjoy the outdoors – especially your backyard. There are many ways to warm up your backyard, but a custom fire pit...

The Latest Deck Building Trend: Custom Treehouse Decks

December 4 2017
Custom Treehouse Recently, homeowners are getting more creative with their backyard renovation and they’re hiring builders to implement one of the latest deck trends – a custom treehouse. Building a custom treehouse as part of your deck is not...

Tips for Staining an Old Deck

November 28 2017
Staining An Old Deck Because of consistent weather exposure, wooden decks require regular maintenance. Staining an old deck is recommended to protect against wear from water, snow and solar ultraviolet light. It’s important that the wood surface...

What is a Floating Deck Installation and Why Would I Want to Build One?

November 24 2017
Floating Deck Installation Sometimes a homeowner is dealing with a difficult backyard space and a traditional raised deck would not be stable on an uneven property. An attractive, usable deck will not only enhance your lifestyle but will also...

Deck Building Problems | Building Decks on Irregular Lots

November 15 2017
Deck Building Problems Deck construction is completely different than it was a decade or more ago. What has been constant is the endless design possibilities and common deck building problems. Like what if the proportions of your lot will not...

Always Opt For Professional Power Washing

October 3 2017
Professional Power Washing For most homes, the deck is probably the most heavily used outdoor space. After years and seasons of use, a wooden deck will look dirty, moldy and weathered and will need to be power washed. If you have a deck built with...

How to Build Strong Decks to Survive a Storm

September 28 2017
Strong storms need strong decks. With all of the tremendous storm activity lately, homeowners have been asking to build strong decks that will stand up to some of the worst weather. The designs and strategy most builders are now using is meant to...

Installing a Fire Pit for the Deck | Things To Know

September 12 2017
Fire Pit For The Deck There’s nothing better than gathering friends and family around a beautiful and cozy, warm outdoor fire. A fire pit for the deck has become one of the most common additions to a homeowner’s outdoor landscape or backyard...

Multi-Level Decks: Things to Consider

September 7 2017
Multi-Level Decks When you are planning to build a deck in your backyard, there are so many styles and deck sizes to consider. From simple to elaborate, every homeowner has a vision in mind for what they wish their deck to look like, and...
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